Welcome To HouseBack Studios

HouseBack Studios Is A Independent App Development Studio Who Make Indie Games And Apps For Android,Amazon and samsung.
At The Current Time there is Only Me Working on The Studio and projects.
Very Soon We Will Be Recruiting New Members on The Team Who Will Benefit the Development of our Studio. 

Our Projects

Our Projects

20 Jumps

Main Project
Download Here

A Simple Block Jumping Game Aimed to test your Path  finding  skills.

Color picker

No Longer In dev

Download Here

A Simple Html Color Picker for developers.

Random Number Generator

No Longer IN Dev

Download Here

A Simple Number Generator Which Can Be used To Generate A random number between two chosen Numbers.

Dev Explorer 

In Development 
Release Date  25th February
Download Not Yet Available  

A Dev Tool That Gets every Byte of information About your device, files,wifi and much more.

Changelog For 6.0

5.0 Changelog__ So far
|Removed Startup Intro
|More Fluent Gameplay

|Ability To Change Color Of Character In Game (No Need To Exit)
|Added More Colors To Enemy Squares
|Better Tweet At End Game Prompt
|Inproved Enemy Ai:
Better Positioning
Better Colors
Better And Clearer Death animation
|Changed Contact Me To Website
|Added A Few More Console Commands
|Added Reset Stats (Work In Progress)
|Added Over 100+ More Splash Messages
| Added Themes( Default And Night) More Coming Soon
|Changed Death Icon (Again)
|When You Finished 20Jumps And Try Again Your Skips Now Reset
|Introducing Lifes For 20 Jumps!:
|I Have Added A Brand New gamemode called lifes its self explanitory
you have 15 lifes when u die the game ends good luck
|Added A Few More splash texts
|Fixed end game bug(when u decline the tweet option it skips a level)*Fixed
|Finally Fixed Saving Error
|Finally Added Highscore Or Lowscore ;)
|Squares Are More Square -_-
|Re added all splash texts into options/Extras
Nearly bug Free

┬░Fixed Color Bug Not Saving And Rendering
Fixed Menu Loading On Start
|Fixed Alot Of Game Engine Bugs
And More


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